Cobalt Blue Sushi Plate


21cm length x 13cm width

Sushi plate in Cobalt Blue glaze

The cobalt blue glaze is fired at a low temperature to create a unique 'crackle' effect over a deep blue background with earthenware base. Serve your favorite sushi, dumplings or sashimi on this unique plate.

Handcrafted in Japan

CRACKLE GLAZES - The spectacular glazes that look like cracked glass on the surface require slightly more care than our regular products. 

Don’t use in a microwave - The heat can open the cracks of the glaze making your product vulnerable to food/oil stains and nasty bacteria.

Don’t use in a dishwasher - unless you’re a careful stacker and use a gentle cycle. Crackle glazes are a bit more fragile than other glazes and prefer hand washing with a mild detergent at a warm temperature.

Don’t soak – too much water for too long can cause mould to appear due to excessive water absorption.

SKU: FC7167