Here at Orient we are faced with the challenge of constant environmental issues surrounding us and know there is a growing need to make Eco-Friendly choices within our business. We are proud to embrace these new sustainable practices.

Our makers in Japan share the same concerns as us when it comes to sustainability, which has led them to create the 'recycled ceramic' initiative. Their Recycled White collection is created using 50% of recycled broken tableware mixed with 50% new clay, this enables the firing temperature to be lower.

All of our products are wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper, you can opt for one of our recycled paper carry bags or we can place your new items in one of your reusable bags. We re-purpose where we can – The crates that the tableware comes in from Japan are re-used as storage and for shipping large orders. Even the Japanese newspaper that the crockery comes wrapped in is reused too.

We have products like the traditional Japanese cloth Furoshiki Wraps, which make great alternatives to paper and ribbon gift wrap as they are reusable and multipurpose. The napkins we have in stock align with these values, and can be reused in much the same way.

We are forever increasing our giftware ranges within the store and have been conscious to use local New Zealand based companies to help reduce our carbon emissions. We consciously choose to work with companies that share our sustainable practises within their work such as Fair + Square Soapery – an artisan company that creates beautiful handcrafted soaps, they even have a confetti bar which consists of all the offcuts from other bars.

Teaology – a company that uses only ethically sourced tea and packaged in thoughtfully designed glass vials and cardboard with limited use of plastic.

We also stock tea from Zealong; the only commercial tea plantation in the whole of New Zealand. It produces organic, luxury, award-winning teas in beautiful tins and boxes that can be reused for storage.

Little Bit Daily is a Wellington based company that makes beautiful wooden soap dish from recycled Rimu floorboards and sustainably sourced pine.

The skincare companies that we choose to stock in store, also share our same values and ideologies when it comes to sustainability. Nellie Tier a New Zealand skincare company, focuses on luxurious natural skincare products that utilize the therapeutic properties of plants to protect and nourish the skin. Woodsy Botanics is a line of small batch, handcrafted skincare products that uses only natural and locally sourced ingredients and packages products in reusable glass vessels.