Eco Friendly

Here at Orient we are doing our best to be sustainable. 


We have products like the Furoshiki Wraps  which are traditional Japanese cloth wraps, these are a great alternatives to paper and ribbon gift wrap, reusable and multipurpose.




Our makers in Japan share the same concerns as us when it comes to sustainability, which has lead them to the 'recycled ceramic' initiative. Our Recycled White collection is created using 50% of recycled broken tableware mixed with 50% new clay, this enables the firing temperature to be lower, reducing fuel consumption at the kiln.

'Sustainable tableware' 


Not only do we sell products better for the environment, we use them to.

All our tableware is wrapped in recycled tissue paper, you can opt for one of our paper carry bags or we can place your new items in one of your reusable bags. We re-use the Japanese paper and newspaper in our wholesale orders and re-use the plastic crates and boxes that the tableware comes in from Japan. The plastic crates are then used as storage containers.

Our online orders are wrapped in recyclable paper and tissue. The bubble wrap can be recycled, add it in to your soft plastic recycling. You can re-use the cardboard boxes as pet beds, donate to nearby kindergartens or schools, or simply add into your household recycling.