product care

Tableware is no different to most other possessions in life – look after it and it’ll last


Don’t use it in an oven.

Don’t use overly abrasive cleaners – save the scourer for your pots.

Don’t “temperature shock” your tableware, i.e. switch rapidly between cold and hot temperatures, it can cause things to crack.

Don’t drop the tableware, it can break – plates and floors aren't friends.

Crackle Glazes

The spectacular glazes that look like cracked glass on the surface require slightly more care than our regular products. 


Don’t use in a microwave - The heat can open the cracks of the glaze making your product vulnerable to food/oil stains and nasty bacteria.

Don’t use in a dishwasher - unless you’re a careful stacker and use a gentle cycle. Crackle glazes are a bit more fragile than other glazes and prefer hand washing with a mild detergent at a warm temperature

Don’t soak – too much water for too long can cause mould to appear due to excessive water absorption.