Stainless Steel Soap


Stainless steel soap by WÜSTHOF

This stainless steel soap removes lingering smells from your hands from things like garlic, onions, fish or other pungent foods. An effective solution for unpleasant odours.

Unlike standard detergents, the smell is not overlaid with another scent but neutralized thanks to the interaction of the stainless-steel soap with water and the air.

The stainless-steel soap acts as a catalyst, which converts the odours molecules into neutral oxygen compounds. Even stubborn odours such as diesel will disappear. Once they have been washed with the stainless-steel soap for about 30 seconds under running water, your hands will be fresh and free from odours again.

The soap does not wear away and works without the use of any chemical additives.

SKU: W4069850201