Black & White Sakura Bowl Set


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15cm diameter x 7cm height
Chopsticks 23cm

2 Piece Silver Sakura Bowl Boxed Set in Black and White glaze

Set contains 2x Bowls and 2x Pairs of Wooden Chopsticks.

This boxed set features a silver Sakura blossom motif on black gloss glaze and black Sakura blossom motif on white gloss glaze. The cherry blossom is a special flower for the people of Japan representing renewal and the ephemeral nature of life.   

This 2 piece bowl set makes the perfect gift for every foodie, use for your favourite noodle or stir fry. Complete with two bowls and two pairs of wooden chopsticks.

Handcrafted in Japan
Microwave and dishwasher safe

SKU: FC3268