Kakomi Rice Cooker


1.2 Litre

Kakomi Rice cooker in black by Kinto 

White rice is essential to the food culture in Japan. We wanted to bring you the pleasing experience of eating rice freshly cooked with a Donabe - the Japanese traditional clay pot. The moment of opening the lid and steam rising is joyous and irresistible. Designed with simplicity and usability in mind, it is a great addition to any table setting. 

The ceramic pot is made of clay which retains heat, the double lid generates the right level of pressure inside the pot to cook each grain of rice evenly. The pot's ceramic material releases far-infrared radiation which heats the ingredients inside. Putting the pot over direct fire increases this effect, resulting in a fluffy textured rice. The rounded shape of the pot creates convection for each grain of rice to be cooked evenly. Having both the inner and outer lids generate the right level of pressure inside and prevents contents boiling over.

For use on direct fire, microwave and oven.

Dishwasher safe

Designed in Japan

SKU: KI-N25195