Japanese Patisserie


Stunning recipes for patisserie, desserts and savouries with a contemporary Japanese twist.

This elegant collection is aimed at the confident home-cook who has an interest in using ingredients such as yuzu, sesame, miso and matcha. Japanese Patisserie features 60 recipes, from reinvented classics to stunning patisserie creations made achievable to the home-cook.

Chapters feature such treats as Lemon & Yuzu Eclairs, Miso Butterscotch Tarts and a Matcha & Pistachio Opera. Find dinner-party classics with Japanese twists such as White Sesame & Adzuki Cheesecake, and Sesame Peanut Butter Cookies and a Green Tea Kit Kat. To finish some mouth-watering savoury recipes such as Panko Doughnuts stuffed with Pork Katsu.