Hibi Sandalwood Incense


Hibi Sandalwood Japanese Incense.

Hyogo prefecture’s traditional crafts include centuries of incense blending, and more recently, 70% of Japan's match production: the innovation of Hibi self-lighting incense sticks is to combine the two.

Contains : 8 incense sticks & 1 reusable burning pad

Light 1 incense stick and find a moment of peace and reflection in your day

Hibi : painstakingly trialed and refined over 3 years, Hibi incorporates natural paper fibres, wax and charcoal into meticulously balanced incense powders, creating a strikable, matchless incense stick which burns safely resting on its own reusable custom pad. a beautiful, unisex gift for an inviting ten minutes of peace and reflection.

Made in Japan