Hibi Garden Scent Gift Box


This beautiful gift box contains 3 of Hibi's garden fragrances (Japanese Wisteria, Mimosa and Peony) each with 8 incense sticks) and a reusable burning pad, all presented in a protective sleeve.

A gentle punctuation mark in the passing of time. Simply light the match by striking it, place it on the burning pad, and let the natural fragrance fill the air. Each match will burn for 10 minutes but the aroma will linger much longer — a beautiful, unisex gift for an inviting moment of peace and reflection.

Japanese Wisteria : a woody and refined fragrance, with sweet and lightly musky tones that evoke the elegance of ancient Japan.

Mimosa : a sweet and floral scent that brings to mind the coming of spring— sweet and warm, evoking the feeling of sun dappled days and verdant fields.

Peony : the fresh and light fragrance of peony flowers in bloom, with hints of citrus and rose, filling space with a soft and soothing sense of spring.

Made in Japan

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