Gunmetal & Black Sake Set


Sake Jug: 6cm diameter x 16.5cm height
Sake Cup: 5cm diameter x 5cm height

Tokkuri square sake jug and Guinomi sake cups in gunmetal & black design

Guinomi are generally larger in size than ochoko with a heavier feel. The larger size of the guinomi impacts the flavour of the sake served.

A larger amount of sake can be held inside with more surface area and volume to release the sakes aroma. This helps capture aromatic components for longer before they are blown away by currents of air. Both of these qualities allow the taster to better appreciate the aromas in sake.

Ceramics carefully made by hands to be held by hands. This sake set is perfect for any sake lover or foodie.

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Handcrafted in Japan.
Microwave and dishwasher safe.

SKU: FC5187