Grey Storage Tub


37.5cm height x 33cm width 
38 Litres

Grey storage tub by Hachiman

Made in Japan of high-grade polypropylene, in fact they are so enduring and hard wearing that Hachiman have been awarded a Long-Life Design Award for their longevity. You won’t be filling the landfill with these beauties in a few years’ time because they really are made to last the distance. Fully colourfast, they will not fade in direct sunlight or become brittle after exposure to the elements.

They have so many uses, from storage and laundry to ice tub, picnic tub, bathroom, boot of the car carry-all tub, the possibilities are endless!

Imagine it filled with ice and cool drinks of a balmy summer evening on the deck. This is an everyday tub that will solve a multitude of problems.

Made in Japan

SKU: HAC235101