It can always be a difficult choice when choosing a new perfume, but with the help of French perfumery Bon Parfumeur we have created a guide for you to make this choice a little bit easier. 

More than just a fragrance, a perfume is a genuine olfactory signature. A mesmerizing perfume should make a statement and linger behind you. A perfume is very personal: it must reflect and reveal who you are, from the very first time you smell it. To choose the right perfume, it should be tailored to your personality, your age, and even your mood.

We talk about an “olfactory pyramid” when describing a fragrance’s composition. As such, a perfume is made up of three notes that correspond to different scents, from the shortest to the longest-lasting:


  • - Top notes: these are the scents that escape from the bottle as soon as the perfume is opened. This fragrance explosion does not last and gradually gives way to the heart notes. 

  • - Heart notes: these notes take longer to reveal themselves but remain longer on the skin. 

  • - Base notes: these scents are more persistent and give body to the fragrance. They last all day and even until the early morning...


    Knowing the olfactory families

    The first thing to know when choosing a perfume is the fragrance families.

    At Bon Parfumeur, they have created their own families to be closer to reality and offer you fragrances always adapted to your mood! The olfactory families are all different from each other while each one has its own specificities. For example, if you like light and fresh perfumes with citrus notes, you will turn more to the olfactory family of cologne perfumes. This family contains fragrances with fresh notes, which sometimes remind us of the colognes worn by our grandparents.

    On the contrary, if you like stronger fragrances with character, you are more likely to like woody perfumes, amber or even chypre scents for a sensual finish. And yes, pronounced notes will put you in the spotlight and are likely to attract attention or even sometimes exclamations... In short, they will be ideal notes for the extroverts who read us!

    For an often soft and powdery fragrance characterized by a soft mix of flowers, such as jasmine, rose and ylang ylang, floral perfumes could be your best bet. Orientals are perfect for the most enigmatic, sensual and seductive among us, while aromatic are a nod to energetic, tonic and extroverted people.


  • - Woody: these notes are essential in perfumery, helping to bind the perfume’s base notes. Sandalwood, patchouli, cedar and vetiver give the fragrance its body.

  • - Chypre: this is a truly unique accord. Composed of rose, bergamot, patchouli, rockrose, jasmine and oakmoss, it’s superbly seductive!

  • - Floral: these fragrances can recreate a bouquet or convey a single floral note. Rose, violet, iris and jasmine are basic floral scents in perfumery.

  • - Hesperide: totally refreshing! Hesperide accords feature citrus fruits including grapefruit, green tangerine and lemon.

  • - Fougère: the name comes from the French word for “fern”, but don’t worry, that’s not what it smells like! Lavender, geranium, coumarin and oak leaf make up this original floral accord

  • - Leather: this scent reproduces the characteristic smell of leather. Featuring notes of flowers, hay and tobacco, it creates a unique woody scent with undeniable sex appeal!

  • - Oriental: renowned for their incredible sensuality, oriental fragrances are characterized by their mellow, mesmerizing accords. Amber, vanilla, musky, and spicy notes create an overwhelmingly seductive scent!


    How to tell if a perfume suits you

    Are you a fan of your colleague’s perfume? Have you been brave enough to stop someone in the street and ask them about their perfume? Be aware that a fragrance reacts differently to different skin types. Have you fallen in love with a particular perfume? Before rushing out to buy it, you need to know if it will suit you. To be sure, we recommend spraying a little perfume on the inside of your wrist. Forget what you might have been told: don’t rub your wrists together! This can damage and distort the fragrance. Let the fragrance develop for a few hours on your skin before making your decision. If the perfume still appeals to you at the end of the day, then it’s definitely right for you!


    Choose the right spots to apply your perfume

    This is achieved through small and simple daily rituals! Coco Chanel said that you should put perfume in all the places where you want to be kissed. Well, that's pretty much it! In order to leave a real trail behind you and to get a good adhesion of the perfume, we advise you to spray your perfume on the "pulse points". These are simply the areas where the skin is very thin and releases heat. Among them: the neck, the wrists, the back of the ears, the nape of the neck, the ankles... The joints should not be forgotten either, because, with each movement, you release a subtle smell that will not fail to make its effect! Whether you spray it on your clothes, directly on your hair, or on your skin, the main thing is to make this ritual a moment of pleasure.

    A different perfume for every day

    Who says you have to wear the same perfume all the time? On the contrary: you can change your fragrance depending on the day and even the time of day! Like a second skin, a fragrance envelops you, letting everyone who crosses your path know exactly who you are. For a long, hard day at the office, choose a hesperidic fragrance to energize and motivate you. Have you got a hot date planned for tonight? Opt for orientals to reveal your enigmatic side and for an instantly seductive boost. A fragrance that’s tailored to your mood and your circumstances reveals (almost) everything about you!

    Change your perfume with the seasons

    Choosing a perfume for the season is another option when it comes to finding the ideal fragrance. When the weather warms up, light and refreshing citrus notes are the perfect option for relaxing on the beach and sunbathing by the pool. When autumn comes, we say goodbye to summer by turning to woody and spicy notes. In winter, the focus is on warming fragrances with sweet and gourmand notes. Spring is the time for fruity and floral notes to celebrate renewal.

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