Wellington based artist Michele Bryant explores the sense of belonging and ideologies of identity through her work. Her large prints and resin planes evoke the power of flight. From a young age Michele was fascinated by planes after growing up on her parents farm and watching the top dressing aircrafts take off and land. 

Michele began her journey studing printmaking and textiles here in the capital city, and also trained as an art teacher. Whilst teaching in Auckland she was approached to make some costumes for the lord of the rings films. She spent 4 years hand crafting metal armour for the blockbuster trilogy. Several years and movies later she began her career as a full time artist, spending her time between her Wellington studio and the studio at her parents in Hawke's Bay.


Her artwork is a mixture of print and hand drawing that has become well known for the large scale motifs that repeat several times throughout. Things that have a symbolic meaning to her, such as aircrafts, trees, animals and numbers. "Large images and symbolic shapes can carry a big initial graphic punch. If you lean into the work it's possible to find further information and understanding."

Build up your own wall of artwork with these resin destination planes. With different countries and place names, it is a great way ti remember favourite destinations you have travelled and make a wonderful gift for someone special. 

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful selection of Michele Bryant's work for sale. As each piece is unique we don't have everything listed online. Get in touch about our current collection or come to the store to view the amazing pieces.