Large Multi Box in Black - Hachiman


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27cm width x 25cm length x 13cm height

This simple yet uniquely stylish rectangular large Omnioffre Box in black with black handles is easy to carry and designed to look like corrugated cardboard. The material is soft which will not scratch the flooring or tables. Available in three sizes in black and white, they can be stacked together to make a stunning storage tower. A protective felt sheet is included.

Made in Japan of high grade polypropylene, they are so enduring and hard wearing that Hachiman have been awarded a Long Life Design Award for their longevity. You won’t be filling the landfill with these beauties in a few years’ time because they really are made to last the distance. Fully colourfast, they will not fade in direct sunlight or become brittle after exposure to the elements.

Made in Japan