Vintage Kimono Gift Wrapping Paper


45cm x 61cm

12 Sheets of high-quality wrapping paper

These fine-quality sheets feature 6 prints inspired by 1900's Vintage Kimono fabric patterns. These papers are suitable for craft projects as well as for gift wrapping. The variety of designs means they are useful for any occasion--whether a holiday, birthday, anniversary or "just because."

Each sheet is perforated to be easily removed, this gift-wrapping set includes: 12 sheets of 18 x 24-inch (45 x 61cm) paper 6 unique patterns The tradition of gift wrapping originated in Asia, with the first documented use in China in the 2nd century BC. Japanese furoshiki, reusable wrapping cloth, is still in use four centuries after it was first created.

Gift wrapping is one custom that has prevailed through the ages and across the world--it should be special for both the gift giver and recipient. Pair with the matching Tuttle Vintage Kimono Thank You Cards for a colorful and cohesive gift!

SKU: 9780804856843