Coconut Salt & Thai Lime Salt Set


Salt Set with Coconut Sea Salt and Thai Lime Salt by Asian Food Republic

14.3cm length x 9cm width x 7.2cm depth

Coconut Salt
80g Gluten Free, Vegetarian. Contains sesame. May contain traces of soy, dairy, nuts or eggs.
Ingredients: Dried coconut 48%, sesame seeds, sea salt 15%, togarashi (chilli pepper, orange peel, seaweed, sesame seed, Japanese pepper, ginger)

Thai Lime Salt 
80g Gluten Free, Vegan. Contains sesame. May contain traces of soy, dairy or eggs.
Ingredients: Salt, coconut thread, desiccated coconut, lime juice, sesame seeds, Thai lime leaf 4.5%.

A duo gift box of our Thai Lime Salt and Coconut Salt.
Incredibly versatile on their own defined flavours, sprinkle on your avocado toast, salads, pizza, meat, seafood or any vegetable dish to enhance the flavour. This set is a must have for any foodie.

Made in New Zealand

SKU: SS802