Inoxriv Design+ Steamer Set


20cm diameter

Steamer set by Inoxriv Design+

Set includes:

Stainless steel Casserole pot 20cm
Stainless steel Lid 20cm
Steamer Insert 20cm

Inoxriv design plus is a collection of high-quality cookware.

Unalterable in time, the stainless steel 18/10 ensures the maximum hygiene and safety in contact with food, it guarantees excellent performances and durability, and it maintains its brightness in time; high thickness pure aluminum, in the shell of the bottom, optimizes the heat distribution and obtain the best performance in energy consumption. 

A triple thick layer, suitable for all heat sources (gas, electric plate, glass ceramic and induction). For the best cooking results in both traditional and low fat cooking. Solid stainless steel heavy-gauge handles, head-welded, provide excellent maneuverability and safety in the handling. High thickness lid to mantain the natural moisture of the food, avoiding dispersion of the cooking steam.

Easy to use and easy to clean.

Suitable for Gas, Electric, Ceramic and Induction hob.

Metal handles heat up when cooking, so be careful when touching them. We recommend using an oven glove or mitt when handling hot pans.

Dishwasher safe

Made in Italy

SKU: DPL63022680