Introducing Mr Marunaka, the talented individual who is behind the beautifully designed lopsided organic mug.

His family kiln can be found by negotiating a series of narrow, winding roads and precarious bridges spanned over small creeks. The kiln was originally opened by his father to exclusively produce vessels for "chawan mushi' (a savoury egg custard dish). Now 30 years on, Marunaka-san produces a limited range of items including tea, sake cups, mugs, bowls and pourers including his classic shape for tea and coffee - the 'lopsided' mug.

The lopsided mugs are a favourite of so many due to their organic shape and unique glazes. They can be used for your favourite hot or cold drinks, cocktails or even desserts.

The range has grown with more colours to include a light mushroom brown, a rich hazel, ana a deep indigo along with the classic colours of white, black, teal and pink.