From an iconic Wellington restaurant to your home, Asian Food Republic's gourmet products are essential for Asian inspired cooking and more.

Since Asian Food Republic’s inception almost 10 years ago, their aim has always been to deliver Asian inspired food with a modern twist that people can enjoy at home. Some of their most popular products include coconut salt, cinnamon chilli peanuts, ginger soy sauce, miso caramel and mini pavlovas with white chocolate and sweet stem ginger.

This unique company was developed by brother and sister duo Brent Wong and Tania Siladi whose main aim was to provide“cuisine without compromise” by packaging some of their most popular products from their now iconic Wellington restaurant Dragonfly.

Over the years these handmade artisan goodies have constantly grown and evolved. From humble beginnings of only five different products, Asian Food Republic now boasts over 25 delicious items, ranging from ambient to chilled. Having approached the packaged food industry from a restaurant view they take pride in showcasing a vast array of products which complement each other so you can create a delicious three course meal at home using all their ingredients. Versatility is essential to each product - for example their sweet chilli sauce (made with fresh ginger and garlic) not only makes an amazing dipping sauce, marinade and sandwich condiment, but can also be used as a base for your pizza. Tips and suggestions are included on each packet and a collection of recipe cards is in the works.


To ensure they retain the original flavours and integrity of each product, their dedicated team extensively tests and carefully packages everything. Designing for the environment has always been a key part of their company ethics with the packaging design seen to be as important as the product inside. A focus on using sustainable New Zealand based companies for the packaging with 100% recycled paper for the outers, re-usable glass jars and environmentally friendly bamboo trays.

At the Asian Food Republic, they take a completely hands-on approach in each process from start to finish and really do believe that you can taste the quality in a product that has been handmade by humans that care.

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