Sweet Sauce Set
Sweet Sauce Set
Sweet Sauce Set
Sweet Sauce Set

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Sweet Sauce Set

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Sweet sauce set with miso & caramel dessert sauce and plum & tamarind drizzle by Asian Food Republic.

A duo gift box of our Miso + Caramel Dessert Sauce and Plum + Tamarind Drizzle

These sauces are a must have pantry staple to enhance any dessert, drizzle over pancakes, ice cream or even with your chocolate brownie.

For a dessert idea try crushing up some mini pavlovas and serving with whipped cream and sauce of your choice.

Miso + Caramel Dessert Sauce with coconut cream
300ml Gluten Free
Contains soy and dairy. May contain traces of egg or nuts.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, water, butter, coconut cream 9%, glucose, miso (soybean paste) 8%.

Plum + Tamarind Drizzle with ginger + lemon juice
300ml Gluten Free/Vegan
May contain traces of sesame, soy, egg, dairy or nuts.

Ingredients: Black doris plum 62%, sugar, tamarind 12.5%, water, ground ginger 1%, lemon juice 1%, salt.


Made in New Zealand


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