Rose Incense Flue Set


4.4cm diameter x 13cm H (flue)
Incense sticks measures 9.5cm

Burn time 15 minutes.

Rose incense flue and study of trees incense set

Studio Milligram's Incense Flue and Japanese Incense Set is a beautiful marriage of form and function, combining a stunning Rose glass Incense Flue with Study of Trees Japanese Incense Sticks.

The Incense Flue's elegant design makes it both a delightful decor feature and a wonderful way to transform your space with a captivating scent. Paired with the Study of Trees Incense Sticks, which draw on the dense aromatics of temperate old-growth forests, with notes of sandalwood, patchouli and white cypress, this gorgeous gift set is a beautiful, enduring way to treat a loved one to some much-needed clarity and relaxation.

Includes glass incense holder & 37 Japanese incense sticks in Study of Trees fragrance.
250mL capacity (flue)

Made of borosilicate glass (flue); incense made with 100% pure essential oils.

Designed and assembled in Melbourne, Australia.

Glass manufactured in China.