Pure Style Home - Jane Cumberbatch
Pure Style Home - Jane Cumberbatch

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Pure Style Home - Jane Cumberbatch

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Style guru Jane Cumberbatch is a pioneer of the simple and natural approach to interior decoration.

Her unique style is based on the timeless appeal of natural materials, uncluttered objects and a relaxed mood. Pure Style is characterised by clean outlines, crisp fabrics and natural materials that are completely timeless and can be translated to any setting. Whether you live in an urban loft space, a small city apartment, a townhouse or a rural retreat, the principles will still apply. It is a sourcebook of ideas for all the rooms in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom. This is style on a budget, with a wealth of resourceful ideas that are easily accessible and kind to your pocket. And ten easily made projects will quickly add a fresh look to your surroundings.

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