Optical Illusions - Ginger Fox


Prepare to be dazzled. These optical illusions will have you scratching your head! Whether it's for family games night or an awesome party trick, Optical Illusions by Mensa will provide hours of fun.

These mind-boggling illusions will have everyone scratching their heads. If you know someone who's dreamed of being a magician, these cards will instantly turn them into the next David Copperfield. Optically deceiving and mind baffling illusionary cards will impress and bamboozle any audience of family and friends.

Novelty gifts have never been so much fun! Trick friends or host your own illusions magic show with the Mensa Optical Illusions Magic Card Set designed by Ginger Fox. Fun for all ages and perfect for parties!

50 large format cards 10cm x 15cm
Suitable for all ages
Made from eco-friendly materials
SKU: 12299