Nori Salt
Nori Salt
Nori Salt
Nori Salt

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Nori Salt

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Nori Salt with lemon zest and bonito flakes by Asian Food Republic.

Enhance your seafood dishes with a dusting of our nori salt with lemon zest and bonito flakes.

Packed full of vitamins and minerals as well as being high in calcium this salt is perfect to add flavour to your pasta, rice or noodles dishes.

Sprinkle over cooked chicken, pork or seafood as a vibrant garnish and extra flavour. Also great on roast potatoes!

40g Dairy Free, Gluten Free.
Contains sesame. May contain traces of soy, milk nuts or eggs.

Ingredients: Dried seaweed 42%, sea salt 20%, togarashi (chilli pepper, orange peel, seaweed, sesame seed, Japanese pepper, ginger), sesame seeds, sugar, bonito (skipjack mackeral fish), dried lemon zest.

Made in New Zealand

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