Matte Graphite Pencil - Blackwing


Matte Graphite Pencil by Blackwing

20.5cm long 0.75cm barrel diameter

Special Graphite Formulation. Very Black.

Matte black finish and our soft graphite. Iconic square Blackwing ferrule with a black eraser.

This  premium graphite formulation, Matte Black pencil is the original Blackwing pencil.

Ideal for illustrators and musicians who prefer a soft, dark line, the Blackwing was launched by California Republic Stationers in October 2010 as a modern version of the iconic Eberhard-Faber Blackwing pencil that was favoured by artists such as Stephen Sondheim and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Made in Japan with FSC-certified cedarwood, it is amazingly smooth and beautiful. Blackwing IS the world’s best pencil. The Blackwing Matte pencil is recommended for drawing, sketching and shading.

 Made in Japan

SKU: PL-105320